We have been treating injuries at Withdean Sports Complex since 1990 and have now grown into a practice run by a partnership of like-minded therapists with a view to offering a comprehensive range of high standard treatments to all members of the public. To this end, all therapists are fully qualified and registered members of professional bodies with a firm commitment to the physical health and welfare of local people. There is a major emphasis on educating sports participants on injury prevention, which also includes advising and treating children involved in competitive sport.  

We have worked closely with large and small companies including South East Coast Ambulance Service, Inland Revenue, Southern Water and Hoyer UK (Shell petrol tanker drivers) providing a range of services ranging from occupational fitness assessments, manual handling training, injury treatments and workstation assessments.

We have also worked closely with a large range of local and county level teams and individuals (too many to list) providing pitch side first aid and injury treatment, training advice, pre and post competition preparation including sports massage, strapping, kinesio taping, fit to play assessments. We have also enjoyed taking an active part with treatments and massage at Paddle around the Pier and many other events.

All of our consultations and treatments are conducted on a one to one basis and are thoroughly assessed with an initial consultation and examination, followed up by a variety of remedial/manual therapy treatments, that can include various mobilisation techniques, soft tissue manipulation and sports/remedial massage to promote a better quality of repair in addition to an accelerated recovery process. Electrotherapy equipment may also be used if thought appropriate, such as Shockwave, Ultrasound, Interferential or tens. Therapists are specialists in injury treatment and are also able to offer advice on general nutrition and training.
Patients come from a wide cross section of the population, from international and world class athletes (Sally Gunnell, professional footballers, rugby players, national junior tennis squad members and also channel swimmers) to those with a less active lifestyle with ages ranging from 8 to 88. 

Our treatments emphasize tailoring rehabilitation programmes to the individual requirements, whether sports specific, employment related or pre and post-operative care. An arrangement with Withdean Sports complex gym for injury rehabilitation has proved very successful for all concerned.

In addition to the treatment of back and neck injuries, there are referrals from Consultants, GPs, and Osteopaths/Chiropractors for rehabilitation exercise programmes. The results can empower a return to sport or employment and greatly improve quality of life to the extent that an operation may no longer be required. 

We look forward to seeing you. 


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