We design individual exercise programmes specific to your injury and needs which will help to get you back to your sport, workplace or daily activities stronger and quicker.

The key areas we work on are;
Regaining full range of pain free movement
Strength programmes for the specific injury in conjunction with also assessing for imbalances elsewhere (which may be inhibiting your recovery), rectifying them and setting relevant exercises to correct this.
Analysing sporting technique and setting corrective drills.
Specific balance exercises to regain limb coordination and reaction.
Stretching exercises
Foam roller advice

Should you be awaiting surgery we can set you strengthening exercises to help prevent muscle loss. We have found the sooner you can start rehabilitation exercise before and after surgery the quicker the recovery of muscle tone and strength.

After every treatment you will always leave with your own bespoke programme, this will then be carefully monitored as treatment progresses.

We believe rehabilitation is the KEY to the prevention of re-injury.


Stretching will not only help to improve your flexibility, posture and performance but also help prevent injuries occurring in the first place.
We will give you advice on the best stretches for your particular condition and also (if needed) advanced stretching techniques such as partner assisted and neuromuscular manoeuvres which can be helpful with tight muscles or neuralgia such as Sciatica.

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