"Fantastic experience - Nik is exceptional at getting right to the root cause and working on muscles, tendons and other soft tissue to resolve the pain that brought me here.. I always leave feeling an inch taller and more flexible! Thanks Nik 🙂🙂🙂."
Clare Child.

"Kim has been there for the last 18yrs through some real highs and lows throughout my athletic career, helping to keep me fit and active, always offering first class knowledge and treatment every time."
Sally Gunnell, OBE.

"Sussex Injury Clinics have provided me with outstanding sports therapy treatment for nearly 20 years. Their expert skills, professionalism and immense care have helped me go from my first 2 mile run to completing the Ironman Triathlon. Kim Wurmli and her colleagues are the best in the business."
Tristan Lorraine, Film Producer.

"Kim Wurmli has been my Sports Therapist for nearly 20 years. She looked after me through my career as an international Professional triathlete (Ironman specialist) and continues to treat me now as an Elite age group triathlete representing Denmark. Kim is without a doubt the best sports therapist I have ever worked with, and I have had experience with many sports therapists all over the world. Kim has a wide experience with elite sportsmen and women and is world class. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone at any level."
Kim Isherwood, MSc, BSc.

"I can't Thank Sussex Injury clinics enough for keeping me running and competing every week at both county and international level. Over the past 5 years (especially Di) they have provided me with invaluable support and advice."
Julia Jarvis, International Orienteer.

"Paul Keenan started treating me about a year ago. I suffer chronic lower back pain. I had a disc operation six years ago. It helped but I have never been free of pain ...until now. I have tried so many alternative therapists you just wouldn't believe it. I even used to be a Yoga teacher so I have been trying that for years. I'm now on the most potent pain killers imaginable. That is until Paul unleashed his fascial release on me. Combined with some deep massage [So deep I thought he might come out the other side] I was able to come off pain killers for ten days for the first time for six years. I'm still not perfect and there's work to do but Paul is not only a consummate professional, he is a genuinely compassionate healer who really cares about his clients and is genuinely concerned that they get better. He gives his all. He's a very special fellow. I know he will have a brilliant career. If you do use him your life will be in safe hands. Thanks to Paul and good luck".
Stephen Hamilton-Bergin.

"Just want to thank you for all you have done over the last few weeks. I'm feeling much more positive and now feel that I that I will get back to normal soon."
Lee Abbott.

"Well I have seen other physiotherapists and had other sports massages and you have made the most difference by a long way."
Andy White.

"Excellent Therapists, highly recommended"
Anna Berry.

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